RealEstateCore version 4 is in General Availability!

A new era has begun

A new era has begun with the release of the latest version of RelaEstateCore that incorporates Brick Schema. Finally it has left the Public Preview state and are now ready to be used in the wild.

Thanks to all that have contributed with feedback and proposals making the REC v.4 a very polished release.

RealEstateCore 4 New Features

  • We now release RealEstateCore as both SHACL (RDF Shapes Constraint Language) and DTDL (Digital Twin Definition Language) models. Note that the OWL version of REC is deprecated.
  • We’ve collaborated with the Brick Schema project to incorporate brick:Point and brick:Equipment, replacing previous REC-specific Capability and Equipment types.
  • For better compliance with Brick Schema, we are moving to using the BSD license.
  • We include generated documentation for all types directly in the GitHub repo and download.
  • There is a new developer site at