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Our vision is “Making the world’s buildings capable inhabitants of the smart city”. To enable this vision, RealEstateCore has an ecosystem certification program for companies, organizations, and individuals that provide applications based on the RealEstateCore API. As an ecosystem partner to RealEstateCore, you guarantee that your own solution is based on standards specified within RealEstateCore Consortium and that the products thus work effectively within the ecosystem. This makes it easy for users of RealEstateCore to quickly, cost-effectively and safely create new values ​​based on a large number of applications.

RealEstateCore Certifier

A RealEstateCore Certifier validates that an application complies with RealEstateCore specifications. The Technical committee of RealEstateCore grants and supervises entities that apply to become RealEstateCore Certifier. In the long-term, The RealEstateCore Consortium makes test-systems for applicants to use for testing their applications for compliance.

Certification Process

  1. Apply for certification by filling the form.
  2. SDK Introduction [by RealEstateCore Certifier]a. Define scope and certification plan
    b. Designate main technical contact
    c. Provide test devices/data kit
    d. Set timeline
  3. Applicant performs development/integration work
  4. Certification request
  5. RealEstateCore Certifier makes function certifictaion
  6. Applicant is certified and gets the right to use the badge

Apply for certification

Step 1: Please fill in the form
Step 2: Await notification