for and by property owners

What are the benefits for the property owners?

Property owners can use RealEstateCore to describe the data of interaction within the buildings that they operate – as well as the management, storage, and sharing of this data. RealEstateCore is a modular ontology, that is, a collection of data schemas that describe concepts and relations that can occur in data that is generated to model buildings and building systems, or that is sourced from such systems.

Having the shared language that these data schemas provide enables property owners to connect their buildings with new services on a large scale, and not have to worry about building- or technology-specific implementation details and formats

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How does RealEstateCore compare and align to other standards?

The table below gives an indication of how some major standards for builds covers the property owner’s perspective. Several alignments between RealEstateCore and other standards are available here.

RealEstateCore alignment table


Business administration IoT Building Management Systems (BMS) Building Information Modeling (BIM/IFC) RDF-based
RealEstateCore Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
BRICK Schema No Yes Yes Partial Yes
BOT No No No Yes Yes
SAREF extension for building No Yes Partial Partial Yes
NGSI-LD No Yes No No Yes
BACnet/Ashrae 223P No Partial Yes No Yes
Haystack 3 No Partial Yes No No
Haystack 4 No Partial Yes No Yes