Ever increasing amounts of data are generated by and within buildings. Several different systems exist to control climate, lighting, access control, etc., not to mention all the new data sources that emerge from IoT devices, all of which generate data. These large amounts of heterogeneous data need to be organized if they are to contribute to cost-efficient and environmentally friendly real estate management. 

We use Semantic Web technologies combined with a business-usefulness-approach; the result is the RealEstateCore (REC) ontology. 

What is the RealEstateCore?

RealEstateCore is a common language that will enable control over buildings and development of new services – the facilitator of the promises of a digital transformation. RealEstateCore is a domain ontology preparing buildings to interact with the Smart City.

RealEstateCore is not aiming to be a new standard, but we rather intend for it bridge existing standards and find the common denominators. RealEstateCore uses and maps such existing standards in a pragmatic manner by adding annotations (which can be reused by the community directly if needed). 


– Share the knowledge in order to scale

RealEstateCore is published as open source under the MIT License to ensure that it is freely accessible for commercial use to property owners, suppliers, integrators, etc.

What are the benefits for the property owners?

Property owners can use RealEstateCore to describe the data of interaction within the buildings that they operate – as well as the management, storage, and sharing of this data. RealEstateCore is a modular ontology, that is, a collection of data schemas that describe concepts and relations that can occur in data that is generated to model buildings and building systems, or that is sourced from such systems. For instance, RealEstateCore covers building structures, ownership, inhabitants, technical systems, and sensors, events, etc.

Having the shared language that these data schemas provide enables property owners to connect their buildings with new services on a large scale, and not have to worry about building- or technology-specific implementation details and formats. 

RealEstateCore focuses on merging and bridging three domains:

  • Digital representation of the building’s elements (e.g. BIM/IFC)

  • Control and operation of the building (e.g. Belok, Haystack, REHVA)

  • Emerging IoT technologies (e.g. SSN, WoT, IPSO)


for and by property owners