Exciting Announcement for Almedalen Political Week!

We are thrilled to share that two esteemed individuals from member companies of the Real Estate Core Consortium will be attending Almedalen’s Political Week in Sweden.

If you are passionate about the digitalization of buildings and eager to explore new opportunities in this dynamic field, We encourage you to reach out to John and Kaj to schedule a meeting during this event. They are eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts and engage in stimulating discussions.

John Wibrand: With extensive expertise in real estate technology, John brings invaluable insights into the digital transformation of buildings. Don’t miss the chance to exchange ideas with him!

Kaj Winther: An esteemed professional in the field of digitalization, Kaj possesses a deep understanding of the potential that lies in the intersection of technology and real estate. Connect with Kaj to dive into exciting conversations!

To arrange a meeting with John or Kaj, please feel free to send them a message on LinkedIn. They are excited to meet like-minded individuals and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Let’s come together to accelerate the digital revolution in the realm of real estate!